1. The science of life is referred to as

A. anatomy

B. biology

C. ecology

D. phylogeny


2. The epidermis of a leaf is considered an example of a tissue because the cell

A. allow sunlight to pass through

B. are covered by a waxy cuticle

C. all possess a similar structure and function

D. allow water to enter them by osmosis


3. The organism at the organ level of organisation of life is

A. Euglena

B. Spirogyra

C. Ginger

D. Tapeworm


4. The disadvantage of complexity of organisation in the higher organisms is that it leads to

A. mutual interdependence between component cells

B. Internal structural specialization

C. increased adaptation to environment

D. Slower rate of diffusion of oxygen to individual cells


5. In which of the following multi-cellular organisms is interdependence of cell maintained?

A. Spirogyra

B. Volvox

C.  Eudorina

D. Pandorina


6. Which of the following processes occurs in the second phase of meiosis?

A. Homologous chromosomes separate

B. Two daughter cell are formed

C.  Fertilization

D. Segragation of genes occurs


7. The muscle cell fluid of an athlete was tested immediately after 100m race and was found to contain a high concentration of lactic acid. Explain what could have caused this. This

A. athlete must have eaten food containing lactic acid just before the race

B. athlete must have injected lactic acid into his blood just before the race

C. athlete’s muscle must have carried out anaerobic respiration during the race

D. athlete must have inhaled lactic acid from the environment during the race


8.. The graph below represents the growth pattern of an animal. Which of the following groups of animals shows this pattern of growth?


A. Cestoda

B. Reptilia

C. Amphibia

D. Insectia


9. The pulmonary circulation involves movement of the blood to and from the

A brain

B. Kidneys

C. liver

D. lungs


The table below shows the blood composition of four individuals.

Use the information contained in the table to answer question 10 and 11



10.  Which of the individuals is likely to be suffering from haemophilia?

A. I





11. Which of the individual is likely to have HIV

A. I





12. A student dissecting an animal specimen discovered that it had two auricles ad one ventricle. The animal is likely to be a/an

A. Fish

B. reptile

C. amphibian

D. bird















The diagram above are parts of a human lungs, which of the labelled parts is diagram Z taken from




D. V




The diagram above is an illustration of the human excretory system. Which of the labelled parts contains the highest amount of nitrogenous waste?

A. I





15.  Increasing adrenaline content of the blood would be expected to decrease the flow of blood to the

A. liver

B heart

C. lungs

D. brain


16. The following are all examples of a simple reflex action except

A. Swallowing

B . Sneezing

C. Walking

D. Blinking


17. Impulses are conducted towards the nerve cells through the

A. myelin sheath

B. dendrons

C. axons

D. synaptic nodes


18. The function of two the convex lens in the correction of eye defects is to

A. diverge light rays from far object to focus image on the retina

B. converge light rays to focus image behind the retina

C. converge light rays to focus the image before the retina

D. converge light rays from fa object to focus their images on the retina


19.Which of the following pats of the eye contains light sensitive cells

A. choroid

B. Iris

C. Retina

D. Lens


20.The hair on the human skin will stand erect when the person is

A. in ar air conditioned room

B. strolling in the sun

C. taking a hot drink

D. doing strenuous exercise


21. When fertilization occurs that leads to formation of a zygote, which of the following processes takes place?

A. The tail of the sperm fuses with the egg cell

B. Both tail and head of the sperm fuses with the egg cell

D. The egg cell develops on its own without the sperm


  1. Which of the following structures in a flower develops into the seed?

A. Testa

 B. Integument

C. Ovule

D. Ovary




The illustration of a human male reproductive system is show above. Which of the labelled parts can be cut to ensure permanent sterility?

A. I





24. The brightly coloured petals in some plants is an adaptive colouration for

A. feeding

B. pollination

C. dispersal

D. Shedding


25. Squirrels easily kill some tree because

A. they inject poisonous substance into the trees

B. most trees are susceptible to squirrel bites

C. they feed voraciously on the roots

D. they grew the bark and destroy the phloem



26. The major role played by accessory pigment during photosynthesis is to

A. add colour to plants but to trap light energy

B. trap light energy that chlorophyll cannot absorb

C. transfer energy from chlorophyll to other pigment

D. prevent chlorophyll from absorbing unnecessary light


27. The main raw materials required for photosynthesis are

A. oxygen and water

B. oxygen and carbon dioxide

C. oxygen and chlorophyll

D. carbon dioxide and water


28. What is the benefit of thunder and lighting to farmers?

A. Addition of nitrates to the soil

B. Aeration of the soil

C. Removal of harmful bacteria from the soil

D. Addition of rain water to the soil


29. Which of the following substances must be present in the soil for growth of a healthy green plant?

A. Amino acids

B. Carbon

C. Glucose salt

D. Magnesium


30. The purpose of proteins I the diet of a mammal is to

A. promotes growth and repair cells

B. break down molecules

C. regulate the flow of chyme

D. serves as co-factors for enzymes


31. Excess carbohydrate can be stored in the muscles in the form

A. cellulose

B. glycogen

C. chitin

D. lipids


32. The bones of the legs of six year old boy are observed to be weak and crooked. Which of the following elements wee deficient in his mother’s diet at pregnancy?

A. Sodium and Iron

B. Iron and Manganese

C. Calcium and Phosphorus

D. Magnesium and sulphur




The diagram above is an illustration of an experiment set-up to test the action of yeast. What test would be used to confirm the nature of the gas given off at I

A. Insert a glowing splint

B. Pass the gas through lime water

C. Insert a piece of litmus paper

D. smell the gas


34. Which of the following digestive enzymes would be greatly affected if the liver fails to produce?

A. Amylase

B Cellulose

C. Lipase

D. Protease




The appropriate food to be given to the child in the picture above is

A. beans

B. garri

C. bread

. avocado pear


36. Which of the following food substances will have little or no calorific value?

A. Proteins


C. Lipids

D. Water


37. A space containing a group of interactive organism is called

A. community

B. habitat

C. ecosystem

D. population


38. The area around the earth where life activities goes on is referred to as

A. biosphere

B. lithosphere

C. habitat

D. ecosystem


39. The following are abiotic component of the ecosystem except

A. bacteria

B. topography

C. water

D. wind


40. Which of the following instrument would be most appropriate in comparing the air pressure at different places in a habitat?

A. Hygrometer

B. Barometer

C. Photometer

D.  Air pressure disc


Study the diagram below and use it to answer question 41 and 42.


41. The best title for the above diagram is

A. terrestrial food web

B terrestrial food chain

C. aquatic food web

D. aquatic food chain


42. How many food chains are in the diagram?

A. Three

B. Four

C. Five

D. Six


43. Plants with breathing roots are characteristics features of vegetation in

A. Tropical grassland

B. Temperate grassland

C. Salt water swamp

D. tropical rain forest



Study diagram of the zones of a marine habitat below and use it to answer question 44 and 45


44. In which of the zones can very few organisms be found?

 A. I





45. Which of the following factors exerts a major effect on the distribution of living organism in the habitat?

A. Salt

B. pH

C. Light

D. Rainfall


46. The use of water closet and septic tanks is preferred to the use of bucket and pit latrines because

A. It is cost effective

B. contaminated faeces are completely kept away from flies

C. the water for flushing contains chlorine which kills the germs

D. it prevent flies from breeding


47. The detection of vibro cholerae in public drinking water is a sign of

A. clean water

B. outbreak of disease

C. water pollution

D. decayed organism in the water


48. Which of the following factors would be least likely to act as density dependent limiting factor in a population of mice?

A. Build up of waste products

B. Predation

C. Parasitism

D. Unfavourable


49. The primary cause of species endangerment is

A. disappearing habitats

B. increase in temperatures

C. acid rain

D. exposure to hazardous wastes


50. The following pairs of traits are examples of continuous and discontinuous variation respectively except?

A. eye colour and body weight

B. height and blood group

C. skin colour and fingerprints

D. body weight ad tongue rolling



51. Which of the following statement is true about the ABO blood group system?

A. Antigens are located o the surface of white blood cells

B. Antibodies are located in the blood plasma

C. Antibodies are located on the surface of red blood cells

D. Antigens are located in th blood plasma



52. The classes of fingerprints in man are

A. whorl, alternate, opposite and compound

B. compound, loop, whorl and alternate

C. whorl, arch, compound and loop

D. arch, simple, compound and opposite


53.   Which of the following disease is transmittable through genes


B. Sickle cell anaemia

C. Diabetes

D. Presbyopia


54. Two plants with red flowers were back crossed, which of the following results indicates that the plants are heterozygous red flowers, where red flowers are dominant

A. 75% red and 25% white

B.50% red and 50% white

C. 100% white

D.100% red



55.In the structure of DNA, which of the following statement  is true

A. The double helix are held together by covalent bond

B. Nucleotide is made up of ribose, phosphate and an organic nitrogen compound

C. Guanine is the opposite of cytosine

D. Adenine is the opposite of cytosine


56. In a case of complete dominance, what is the phenotypic ratio of the cross Bb X Bb; where B = black and b = white

A. 1black: 1 grey: 2 whites

B. 1black: 3 black

C. 1 black: 2blues: 1 white

D. 3 blacks : 1 white


57. Two yellow –flowered hybrid plants each carrying a recessive factor for flowers with green colour were crossed. Which of the following ratios shows the correct proportion of offspring that have green flowers?

A.  2 in 2

B. 1 in 3

C. 1 in 4

D. 1 in 5


58. What name is given to a sudden change in a gene or chromosome?

A. Allele

B. Genotype

C. Mutation

D.  Phenotype


59.Bees are of great importance to the farmer because they

A. Provide him with honey

B. Pollinate flower

C. Sting crop pest to death

D. destroy flower by sucking nectar from them


60. Which of the following sequence is the correct evolutionary trend in plants?

 A. Algae → liverworts → mosses→ ferns

B. Liverworts → mossess→ ferns→ algae

C. Mosses→ algae→ ferns→ liverworts

D. Ferns→ liverworts→ mosses→ algae