1. Fundamental rights are literally the rights that one can enjoy because one is

A. an individual

B. a human being

C. a citizen

D. an educated elite


2. Which of the following nationalist is associated with democratic socialism

A. Ahmadu Bello

B. Tafawa Balewa

C. Anthony Enahoro

D. Obafemi Awolowo


3. When a person is being fair impartial and reasonable in dealing with others, such person is said to be

A. responsible

B. tolerant

C. honest

D. humble


4. A limitation to the exercise of human right is

A. War

B. deportation

C. migration



5. Which of the following is not among the sources of authority

A. Societal

B. Traditional

C. Rational Legal

D. Charismatic


6. Orderliness can be exhibited in the following ways except

A. observe the traffic lights

B. queening culture

C. decorum behavior

D interrupting an individual


7. Which of the following is a way of achieving responsible parenthood

A. commitment

B. Patriotism

C. Favoritism

D. Goodness


8. A citizen is someone who

A. holds a chieftaincy title in the country

B. is a legal member of the country

C. has lived in the country for a long time

D. is a staunch supporter of the country development


9. Incidences of broken home and irresponsible parenthood are the major causes of the following except.

A. unhealthy growth

B. armed growth

C. migration

D. cultism


10. Citizenship education will not help to achieve which of the following?

A National unity

B. Education of the youth

C. Moral decadence

D. promoting democracy


Use the story below to answer question 11 to 13

One fateful morning, Imasuen was going to school. A few distance away from the school gate, he was an accident victim writhing in several pain by the road side. The accident victim was hit by a motorcycle rider and left half–dead. Although Imasuen was already late for school, he decided to convey the victim to a nearby hospital before reporting to a nearby police station.


11. From the story above, it could be said that Imasuen have demonstrated

A. honesty

B. fair play

C. tolerance

D. selflessness


12. The behavior of the motorcycle rider in the above story depicts

A. arrogance

B. unruly attitude

C. cruelty

D. aggressive behavior


13. The behavior of Imasuen in the story above can help promote all the following except

A. orderliness

B. peaceful coexistence

C. punctuality

D. stability


14. Nationalism is a product of all the following feature except

 A. cultural similarity

B. social complexity

C. shared interest

D. historical association


15. Trafficked individuals are likely to have been

A. corrupt and greedy

B. traumatized and stigmatized

C. dangerous and heartless

D. hardworking and courageous

16. The drug usually referred to as marijuana is

A. cannabis

B. cocaine

C. caffeine

D. heroin


17. The process of acquisition of necessary skill by young people for national development is known as

A. sponsorship

B. encouragement

C. motivation

D. empowerment


18. The Federal Road Safety Corps (FRSC) carries out all these function except

A. construction of motorable road

B. effective patrol operation

C. inspection of vehicles

D. prompt rescue mission


19.  The inalienable entitlement of an individual in a society are known as

A. basic necessities

B. natural justice

C. fundamental freedom

D. human right


20. Membership of an organization that is characterized by secrecy of operation is associated with

A. activism

B. cultism

C. radicalism

D. spiritism


21. The inability of citizens of a country to freely elect their leaders is a treat to

A. federalism

B. totalitarianism

C. oligarchy

D.  democracy


22.Being faithful in marriage can greatly assist to prevent

A. unhealthy growth

B extravagancy

C. hatred

D. HIV infection


23. Which of the following is a primitive measure against cultism?

A. Counselling and enlightenment in school

B.A true and sincere religious inculcation

C. Arrest and prosecution of suspects

D. Good parental responsibility and care


Use the image in Figure L to answer question 24










24. The road sign in Figure I indicates

A. move ahead

B.stop ahead

C. speed limit

D. wait a bit


25. Authorized rad users include the following excepts

A. pedestrians

B. bicycle riders

C. roller skaters

D. tricycle riders


26. Which of the following is not a function of the judicial arm of government?

A.  Implementation of the law

B. pronouncement of punishment

C. Adjudication of cases

D. Interpretation of the law


27. Trafficked children are likely to experience the following except

A. empowerment

B. prostitution

C. forced labour

D. unwanted pregnancy


28. Which of the following is not a way of promoting national consciousness?

A. Inter-school debate

B. Multicultural education

C. Sporting festival

D. Compensatory mechanism


29. The totality of legislative, executive and judicial power constitutes

A. Sovereignty

B. authority

C. state

D. government


Use the passage below to answer questions 30 and 31


Ate and Ube are towns that have lived peacefully in the past years. Last years, they met and decided to build a hospital and raise fund towards the project. Everyone played his/her part to see  that the completion of the project became a reality. The project was completed with six month


30. What existed between Ate and Ube towns can best be termed

A. boldness

B. commitment

C. courage

D. co-operation


31. The relationship that existed between Ate and Ube town will lead to all the following except

A. promotion of harmony

B. unification

C. stunted development

D. achievement of goal


32. Which of the following categories of students will not likely be a major target of campus cult membership recruitment?

A. Proud children from wealthy homes

B. students with influential parents

C. Bold and morally upright children

D. wayward and fun-loving students


33. What do human traffickers use to instill fear into their victims?

A.  Confrontation

B. Intimidation

C. Elimination

D. Exploitation


34. The origin of democracy is traced to the

A. Romans

B. Greeks

C. Egyptians

D. British


35. Which of the following skills is needed for youth empowerment?

A. Cross curricula skills

B. Non-cognitive skills

C. Manipulative skills

D. Transversal skill


36. Which of the following is not a feature of federal constitution?

A. Division of power

B. Supremacy of the constitution

C.  Flexibility of the constitution

D. Written constitution  


37. Which of the following is not a consequence of human trafficking

A. Relative deprivation

B. Violation of rights

C. Discontentment of individuals

D. Family bonding and reunion


38. The principle of rule of law upheld in the society in order to

A. protect the citizen from arbitrary rule

B. accord immunity to the president

C. preserve customs and traditions of the society

D. encourage mass literacy and prosperity


39. Constitutional democracy is known as

A. Communalism

B. Limited government

C. communism

D. autocratic government


40. Human right are the cornerstones of

A. democracy

B. plutocracy

C. aristocracy

D. theocracy


41. In order to guarantee transparency and accountability in governance, leaders should ensure that

A. constitutionalism thrives

B. the judiciary is supervised

C. immunity covers government officials

D. trial should be held in secret


Use the diagram in Figure 2 to answer question 42

42. The diagram in Figure 2 symbolizes

A. Strength

B. authority

C. status

D. power


43. Political apathy can be discouraged through

A. voters’ registration

B. registration of more political parties

C. support of government policies

D. free and fair election


Use the write – up below in answer question 44 and 46

Seven months ago, the people of Okiti Town were seen in large numbers staging a peaceful protest against the nonchalant attitude of the provincial government concerning the provision of social amenities in the area. Some government officials came around and listened to their grievances. Today, things have changed for the better in Okiti town. There is a great improvement in infrastructural development and the people of the area now feel the presence of government in their town.

44.       Which of the following is the consequence of government initial attitude towards Okiti Community?

            A.        Underdevelopment

            B.        Corruption

            C.        Ignorance

            D.        Illiteracy


45.       Which of the following is not portrayed in the write-up above?


  1. The importance of decentralization
  2. Government responsiveness
  3. Intra-governmental relations
  4. Freedom of expression


46.       From the above write-up, the action of Okiti people received prompt government attention because of the

A. existence of democratic governance

B. need to support minority groups

C. need to reward patriotic citizens

D. election that was fast approaching


47.       Democracy could be described as a form of government in which people

            A. develop interest in good governance

            B. produce sound political manifesto for national development

            C. participation in the decision making process

            D. contribute to political liberation


48.       Which of the following is a focus of activities of civil society

            A. Anonymity

            B.  Equity

            C. Position seeking

            D. Policy Implementation


49.       Which of the following principles prohibits public servants from being seen or heard in the public

            A. Permanence

            B. Impartiality

            C.  Mediocracy

            D. Anonymity


50.       Which of the following is a consequences of political apathy

            A. Unrest and secession in the country

            B. Emergence of incompetent leaders

            C. Lack of foreign direct investment

            D. Frequent military intervention