1. According to the first creation story, the firmament was created before

A. animals and plants

B. living creatures

C. sea creatures

D. land, seas and vegetation


2. The priest of Midian gave Moses, his daughter

A. Shiphrah

B. Zipporah

C. Puah

D. Gershom


3. God hardened the Egyptian's heart because

A. of his plan to punish Pharoah

B. Moses and Aaron deserved God's punishment

C. God wanted to gain glory over Pharoah

D. Pharoah was a powerful king


4. Joshua was a successful leader of his people because he

A. was chosen by Moses

B. trusted in God

C. was a good spy

D. was a brilliant soldier


5. Joshua died at the age of a

A. hundred and forty years

B. hundred and twelve years

C. hundred and ten years

D. hundred years


6. Saul disobeyed God by sparing the life of Agag, the King of the

A. Syrians

B. Amalekites

C. Phillistines

D. Assyrians


7. David reacted to the sad news of the death of Uriah by

A. rending his clothes in despair

B. increasing his troops in the battle field

C. sending words of encouragement to Joab

D. removing Joab as his Commander-in-cheif


8. When David's son by Bathsheba died, she bore another son called

A. Absalom

B. Solomon

C. Ammon

D. Tamer


9. The condemnation of King Ahab by Elijah was not because of his

A. marriage to Jezebel

B. worship of Baal

C. ascension to the father's throne

D. erection of an altar for Baal


10. When Elijah pronounced heavy punishment against Ahab and his family, Ahab reacted by

A. chasing Elijah to brook Cherith

B. declaring that all land be held for the king

C. threatening the life of Elijah

D. calling Elijah an enemy of Israel


11. The prophet who told Naaman to wash himself seven times in river Jordan was

A. Elisha

B. Ahijah

C. Gehazi

D. Ahab


12. Josiah's Religious Reforms in Judah led to the

A. renewal of the worship of the sun god

B. removal of the Temple, vessels dedicated to foreign gods

C. restoration of the rights of wizards and mediums

D. refurnishing of all local sanctuaries throughout Judah


13. Josiah's immediate reaction to the words of Huldah the prophetess was

A. ordering the immediate repair of the temple

B. payment of the salary arrears to temple’s workers

C. restoration of his allegiance to the covenant

D. reading of the book of the law


14. Nehemiah and the returned exiles were able to rebuild the city walls because they

A. received the co-operation of non-Jewish leaders

B. stood firm and trusted God in the face of all odds

C. sent spies to monitor their enemies' plans

D. had sufficient men and materials


15. The story of Daniel teaches, among other things, that

A. a Jew can serve a heathen king faultlessly

B. Jews are never subject to sin and and crime

C. believers can never be subdued by their enemies

D. falsehood and slander are always covered


16. Who among the following refused to worship the image set up by Nebuchadnezzar?

A. Daniel

B. Shadrach

C. Ezra

D. Nehemiah


17. A returned exile who studied and taught the Laws of the Lord with diligence was

A. Zerubbabel

B. Joshua

C. Hanani

D. Ezra


18. The name Jezreel given to Hosea's first child was a reference to the revolution of

A. Elijah

B. Jehu

C. Omiri

D. Elisha


19. God sent Ezekiel to his people to serve as his

A. servant

B. visionary

C. mouth piece

D. advocate


20. The prophet that was referred to as "son of man" was

A. Ezekiel

B. Jeremiah

C. Hosea

D. Amos


21. "Lord now lettest thou thy servant depart in peace,....for mine eyes have seen thy salvation " This statement was made by

A. Joseph

B. Mary

C. Elizabeth

D. Simeon


22. "Master, we toiled all night and took nothing, but at your word, I will let down the nets" This statement was made by

A. Andrew

B. John

C. Simeon

D. James


23. Which of the following lessons is not emphasized by the parable of the Prodigal Son?

A. God pardons the righteous

B. God is a loving father

C. God rejoices over a repentant soul

D. God loves sinners but hates sin


24. "Judge not, that you be not judged" is a warning against

A. hatred

B. retaliation

C. corruption

D. hypocrisy


25. The twelve disciples were advised to respond to any house that did not receive them during their Missionary Journey by

A. pronouncing God's wrath upon them

B. withdrawing their blessings of peace

C. moving to another destination

D. shaking off the dust from their feet


26. "They have Moses and the prophet let them hear them" This statement was Abraham's reaction to the

A. request of Lazarus

B. first request of the Rich man in hell

C. Rich man's second request in hell

D. question from the Rich man's brother


27. In Luke's account of the Transfiguration

A. Peter suggested the building of three booths

B. Jesus spoke about his ascension

C. a voice said" Behold the Lamb of God"

D. Moses, Elijah and Jesus discussed Jesus' departure


28. How many disciples did Jesus send to the village in Bethphage to bring an ass and a colt?

A. four

B. three

C. two

D. one


29. The significance of Jesus' Triumphant Entry into Jerusalem was that

A. the Messiah has come to assume his Kingship in humility

B. Jesus was fulfilling the Jewish custom of Pilgrimage to the Holy City

C. Jerusalem was always the scene for the murder of the prophets

D. Jesus openly challenged the Jewish leaders to prove their authority


30. "My father, if it is possible let this cup pass from me" This cup signifies

A. persecution

B. cry of loneliness

C. suffering and death

D. spiritual death

31. Before Judas arrived with a crowd to arrest Jesus, he was praying at

A.  Bethsaida

B.  Bethany

C.  Calvary

D.  Gethsemane


32. Pilate and Herod suddenly became friends because

A. Jesus performed miracles for Herod

B. Pilate referred Jesus to Herod who had wanted to see him

C. Herod sent Jesus back to Pilate

D. Jesus belonged to Herod's jurisdiction


33. The man forced to carry the cross of Jesus on the way to crucifixion was

A. Joseph of Arimathea

B. Simon the Zealot

C. Joseph of Cyrene

D. Simon of Cyrene


34. The executioners divided the garments of Jesus among themselves because

A. of the high quality of his garments

B. they liked the garment

C. Pontius Pilate ordered them to do so

D. the cloths were by custom property of the executioners


35. In one of his teachings, Jesus said, " I am the True Vine and my father is the

A. branch

B. vine maker

C. everlasting

D. vine dresser


36. When Jesus reached Bethany, He discovered that Lazarus has been in the tomb for

A. three days

B. four days

C. six days

D. eight days


37. Which of the following did not take place on the day of Pentecost?

A. Tongues of fire rested on each disciple's head

B. The Holy Spirit said" set apart Paul and Barnabas"

C. a mighty wind came from heaven

D. Different tongues were spoken


38. Saul's sight was restored by

A. Barnabas

B. Ananias

C. Judas

D. Peter


39. The converts in Samaria, received the Holy Spirit through

A. laying of hands by the apostles

B. speaking in tongues

C. praying and fasting

D. imitation of the apostle's activities


40. According to Paul in Romans, Abraham was justified because of his

A. obedience to the Law

B. faith in God

C. personal goodness

D. moral life


41. According to Paul, God sent his son to die for sinners in order to

A. justify the world

B. expose their evil nature

C. expose them to the curse of the law

D. prove that He is God the father


42. Paul likened the spiritual gifts received by individual members of the church to the

A. variety of doctrines by different doctrines

B. inequality of members of the church

C. different parts of the human body

D. various interpretations of the word of God


43. Paul advised the Philippians to have the mind "which is yours in Christ Jesus". This refers to Jesus

A. humility

B. diety

C. glory

D. suffering


44. Paul argued in Galatians that the Jews were until the coming of Jesus slaves to

A. the ignorance of their parents

B. sin

C. death

D. the elemental spirits of the universe


45. In Thessalonians, one of the characteristics of the "man of lawlessness" before the second coming of Jesus Christ is that he will

A. claim to be the God above all other gods

B. sit among the company of the angels of God

C. sit on a throne in the temple to judge the world

D. not be able to win people to his side


46. Paul advised Christians not to grieve for their dead as others as others who have no hope. "Hope" here refers to

A. the word of God

B. earthly wealth

C. eternal life

D. baptism in Christ


47. James says that the prayers of the Elders of the church produce results which include

A. prosperity in life

B. healing and forgiveness of sin

C. cheerfulness in giving

D. confession of sins


48. For James, there is partiality in the church if

A. we do not have enough seats

B. the ushers do not show people their seats

C. rich people are welcomed to the church

D. poor people are discriminated against


49. Peter enjoins church Elders to tend the flock of God

A. for gain

B. willingly

C. domineeringly

D. with constraint


50. According to James, Christians who are passing through trials for their faith should

A. quit the faith

B. rejoice

C. fast

D. cry for help